ARS employs highly experienced engineers and staff to provide premier consultants to the commercial nuclear fire protection sector.  In addition to experience in the commercial power industry, the staff at ARS contains numerous previous project managers and process owners.  ARS offers clients the assurance that comes from expertly managed projects, operating within budgetary guidelines and delivering quick and efficient solutions to suit the client's requirements. 

For each plant, a project manager initiates fire protection engineering projects, defines the scope, and keeps the client up-to-date about every step involved.  With our staff’s history of successful project management through decades of experience in many fields in the nuclear industry, we are able to offer clients the highest level of service while guiding plants through the necessary steps to becoming licensed by the NRC and other nuclear governing bodies. 

One of the ways we maintain this level of service, communication, and cost-efficiency is by using the most up-to-date computer software tools available.  We use software tools to allocate resources and coordinate schedules with clients.  The eTimeMachine project management tool allows us to track every instance of employee time and facilitates effective billing.  WebTRAN, a proprietary ARS software tool, tracks each step in the NFPA 805 licensing and fire regulation process, allowing ARS project managers and the client to view and provide input at every point along the way to full licensing qualification.