Appendix R Solutions (ARS) provides engineering and technical services to the nuclear industry.  The management and employees of the company are committed to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed the customer’s requirements, needs, and expectations. 

The senior management of ARS is responsible for ensuring that quality is an integral part of the company’s business practices and that organizational focus on the quality process is maintained.  The ARS Quality Assurance Program is designed to maintain and continuously improve organizational effectiveness, continually provide quality products to our customers and meet applicable regulatory requirements to ensure nuclear safety.  Oversight and management of the ARS Quality Assurance Program is performed by the Manager Responsible for Quality (MRQ), who reports directly to senior management.  The MRQ has the authority to identify conditions adverse to quality, to initiate, recommend, or provide corrective actions, and to verify implementation of corrective actions.  The ARS Quality Assurance Program is implemented and maintained through the issuance and revision of the ARS Quality Assurance Manual.